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Campamentos y talleres

Herb Plants

Almuerzo y Aprendizaje

Patrocinado por la Ciudad de Wabash

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12: 15-12: 45

Jardines de Charley Creek

Prepare un almuerzo y únase a nosotros en miércoles selectos para disfrutar de presentaciones y talleres divertidos y gratuitos en el Centro de educación y recursos.

Paper Sack Garden Journal

Wed. April 19

12:15 - 1 pm

Paper sacks aren’t just for brown-bagging anymore. Join us as we turn this ordinary item into a decorative journal for capturing special memories and pictures. $10 per person. Spots are limited so buy early!

Mandala Art

Wed. May 10

12:15 - 1 pm

Bright and colorful, mandala art is found throughout the world. Join us as we use everyday items, paint, and unusual surfaces to create fun art pieces to accent your home. $10 per person. Spots are limited so buy early!

The Drunken Botanist

Wed. Aug. 16

12:15 - 1 pm

Using Amy Stewart’s popular book as a launching pad, we will look at the array of herbs, flowers, fruits, and trees humans used to make alcohol over the centuries. Spots are limited so register early!

Lawncare Basics and Resources

Wed. Sept. 20

12:15 - 1 pm

Geoff Schortgen returns to share his knowledge of basic lawncare maintenance and resources available to ensure success. Free admission. Spots are limited so reserve early!

Fabric Pumpkins

Wed. Oct. 18

12:15 - 1 pm

Nothing says fall like pumpkins! Join us to create a stylish fall pumpkin with a bit of fabric, stuffing, and embellishments. $10 per person. Spots are limited so buy early!

Hanging Twig Holiday Tree

Wed. Nov. 15

12:15 - 1 pm

Combining foraged plant materials and traditional holiday decorations to create a hanging twig holiday tree! The best part? Switch out decorations and enjoy your creative handiwork all year long. $10 per person. Spots are limited so buy early!

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