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Tarjetas regalo

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Las tarjetas de regalo están disponibles en una variedad de cantidades y se pueden canjear en varias propiedades de Honeywell Foundation.

En este momento, las tarjetas de regalo no pueden canjearse en línea. Comuníquese con nuestra taquilla para usar una tarjeta de regalo para realizar una compra.

Los saldos de las tarjetas de regalo se pueden obtener en línea en .

Guarde su tarjeta en un lugar seguro. Si se pierde o se lo roban, se puede entregar un reemplazo con el recibo de compra original. Las tarjetas de regalo caducan después de 5 años a partir de la fecha de la última carga de fondos, excepto donde lo prohíba la ley. Esta tarjeta no se puede canjear por efectivo; cualquier valor no utilizado permanecerá en la tarjeta.

Gift Cards are available in a variety of amounts and are redeemable at all Honeywell venues!

Orders placed online or by phone will be mailed the day after the order. Gift cards are also available to purchase at the Honeywell Box Office Mon.-Fri. 8 am to 5 pm.

Tickets can be printed immediately - great for last minute gifts!

Gift cards are great for all ages and all interests!

Show Tickets

Live shows take place regularly at the Honeywell Center, Eagles Theatre, and Honeywell House.

Movie Admission

New releases and classic film movies are held at the Eagles Theatre and 13-24 Drive In.


Eugenia's Restaurant is open for weekday lunch. The Eagles Ballroom hosts themed dinners throughout the year. 


Snacks and treats are available during movies and live performances at the Honeywell Center, Eagles Theatre, and 13-24 Drive In.

Rentals & Catering

A great gift for someone planning a wedding! Gift cards can be used for credit towards room rental and catering. Cards can be used for skating and movie parties as well.


The Clark Gallery hosts exhibits year-round, with most offering artwork for purchase.

Overnight Accommodations

The Honeywell House and the Clarkson House offer overnight stays.

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