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Restaurante Eugenia

Asian Buffet

Asian Buffet

All You Can Eat

Thurs. Jan. 26

5:30-7:30 pm

Parkview Ballroom

Eagles Theatre

$26.95 adults, $13.95 ages 5-12; 

free for ages 4 and under 
Beverage, tax, and gratuity not included

Enjoy an all you can eat buffet featuring General Tso’s chicken, sweet and sour chicken, broccoli and beef, kung pao shrimp, vegetable lo mein, egg drop soup, and more. Come early, grab a drink, and enjoy our lounge area before you're seated!

View full menu and make reservations below.

On the buffet: General Tso chicken, sweet and sour chicken, broccoli and beef, vegetable lo mein, kung pao shrimp, egg drop soup, Chinese cucumber salad, fried rice, Asian slaw, white rice, mandarin salad with almonds, egg rolls, Asian green beans, and fortune cookies.

Optional desserts: New York cheesecake $7.95, peach pie $5.95, flourless chocolate cake $5.95.

Asistido por el chef, todo lo que pueda comer buffet de costillas. También se ofrece un menú limitado para la cena.

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