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In seeming opposition, "On Point" (or en pointe) is both a ballet and a military term of precision and keen intentionality. Free-form expression and strategic skill meet here in tandem movement.


Neither might one expect free-form abstract, global needs awareness, instrument surfacing, public donor honorarium ARTwalls and children's school memorials to possess a common denominator, but they do: the point of a #11 precision blade and my artisan's hand holding the silver handle!

My spin on contemporary "non-mosaic mosaic" is an analogy of solo (and sometimes ugly) pieces coming together to make a compelling and often bigger-than-life completed whole. Togetherness.


On Point reminds me that right now, at this point in time, I am exactly where I need to be, though the road ahead may not be clear. It is a trinity-statement of past perspective, present reveal and faith in the future.


Each work of art is actually 3 works of art that morph into one. I view each part like the past, the present and the future. Most days, this trail of thought is calming and therapeutic (check out my workshops)!


Other art forms (and hats-off to them) often use additive technique (paint on canvas). What I do requires subtraction (remove from).


Common composition often requires the envisioning of positive space (the cut-out cookie in the dough); my eye must view the negative space (leftover dough around the cut-out cookie) to figure out how it all will fit.


When shape relationships in traditional forms often coexist side-by-side, foreshortened or perspective-driven, light or shadow-bonded, my "free-form" (I use this word like a noun) gains inception and momentum by adhering in a spirit of togetherness with strategic cutting away to reveal new relationships that were not there before.  


Where others may aspire the title of Artist, I identify as an Artisan by measure of the work of my hands and connection with community. Consider the named and unnamed makers of historic mosaics, stained glass, carpentry, woven textiles, wheel-spun pottery and the layering of indigenous molas of the San Blas Islands. 


I have studied their artisan secrets in order to finesse mine. Their strength in community became mine when I risked stepping forward from a solid teaching career to pursue full-time studio. 


Paint alone is not enough. Vinyl is not enough. Wood is not enough. It is the synergy of the many; the cutting through and cutting away that reveals the greater beauty behind and between and among---while it is the microscopic point of the blade that reveals the design. 


On Point. This, at the hands of one artisan, fitting one piece together at a time, saluting what has come before and tuning my ear to hear a future echo.



Christi lives in Warsaw, Indiana, with her husband, Dr. Tim, 4 creative kids and 2 dogs. As the daughter of a colourist painter and loom weaver mother, she never believed she wasn't an artist, too. As the daughter of an educator and history teacher father, art must coexist with and never detach from faith and truth found in the past, present and future. Her favorite creating space is the lakeside porch view from their Chapman Lake cabin, while she attributes the free-form motion in her work to the wind, waves and patterns of nature. Spare time finds her warming the bleachers of basketball games, walking wooded trails and creating original illustrations for the Artistic Affinity blog articles found at her website home.


Christi has been a 1st-place Award Winner here at Clark Gallery juried shows and a returning solo exhibitor (2013, One Big Good.) Design and Art Education degrees stem from Grace College of Winona Lake, IN.


Select Indiana commissioning agents and grant recipients include: Indianapolis Museum of Art-Newfields (mural), Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center, Dane A. Miller Science Complex, American Pianist's Association, Kosciusko-Parkview YMCA, Cardinal Services, Joe's Kids Achievement Place, Limitless Splashpark of Winona, Arts for Learning, Visually Impaired Preschool Services of Indiana, Grace College and Seminary...and many schools. 

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